The Palo Fire Department is looking for new members! Please contact the fire station by phone or e-mail to learn more!

Fire Chief: 
Jeff Gibbons- FF/EMT

Assistant Fire Chief:  Andrew Lutter- FF/EMT

Captain: James Seely FF/EMT 

1st Lieutenant: Terry Galvin- FF

2nd Lieutenant: Josh Despard- FF


  1. Randy Banes- FF 
  2. Brad Bex- FF
  3. Keith Bisson- FF 
  4. Daniel Charlier-FF
  5. Josh Despard- FF   
  6. Terry Galvin- FF
  7. Jeff Gibbons- FF/EMT
  8. Vanessa Jacobs- FF
  9. Shawn Lafler- FF
  10. Hunter Leaven- FF
  11. Mike Leaven- FF
  12. Andrew Lutter- FF/EMT
  13. Tyler Lundtvedt- FF/EMT
  14. Jordon Meyers- FF/EMT
  15. Trent Miller- FF/EMT
  16. Dalton Pennington- FF 
  17. Joe Rixen- FF
  18. Clark Robertson- FF
  19. James Seely- FF/EMT
  20. Andrew Smith- FF
  21. Miles Wyatt- FF       
  22. Cody VanDyke- FF                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Junior Firefighter
22. Myles Lutter
23. Kaedence Smith
24. Spencer Leaven

/EMS - Indicates Certifications in both Fire Suppression and Emergency Medical Services

EMT - Emergency Medical Technician

EMT - Paramedic (Paramedic)

 - Indicates Certifications in Fire Suppression such as Firefighter I and Firefighter II

Five of our members are also certified Emergency Medical Technicians to assist with medical emergencies in our area.

Additional certifications and advanced training among our members include Hazardous Material Response, Hazardous Materials Operations, Hazardous Materials Technician, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Ice Rescue, Water Rescue, Vehicle Extrication, Fire Investigation, Fire Instructor II, Fire Officer, Radiological Emergency Management, and Emergency Planning, ICS-300, ICS-400 Advanced ICS, EMS-Instructor, and EMS Evaluator.