Rental Housing Regulations

The City of Palo has instituted a “Palo Rental Housing Regulations.”  Rental Housing Code of the City of Palo, Iowa those certain Codes and Regulations as codified in the Linn County, Iowa Code of Ordinances, Chapter 105 – Buildings and Building Regulations, Article VII, hereinafter referred to as the “Linn County Code,” including all future amendments and modifications thereto as of May 24th, 2023.

Rental properties must be registered with the city and complete a rental property inspection in order to receive a Certificate of Compliance.  No structure shall be rented unless the owner or operator holds a valid Certificate of Compliance.  This Certificate is issued when the property is in compliance with the applicable provisions of the Housing Code and when all registration and inspection charges related to the property have been paid in full. Inspection fees as of January 2024 are as follows:

Fee Type

City of Palo

Registration Fee



$50 Single Family/Duplex


$50 + $10 per Unit Multi- Family

Registration Penalty-                                *Must be registered before February 15th 



Every 2 Years


$85 Single Family/Duplex


$85 + $10 per unit Multi-Family

Reinspection Fee

$60 Single Family/Duplex


$60 per unit Multi-Family

2nd Reinspection

$110 Single Family/Duplex


$110 per Unit Multi-Family

3rd Reinspection


4th and Subsequent


No Show Fees


Complaint Investigation


Investigation Fee IPMC

*Hourly rate based on current Inspector wage

* The hourly rate shall include hourly wages, fringe benefits, transportation and administrative costs.