Palo 341
(Above) Palo 341 is a 2010 Ford F-550. 341 is Palo's primary medical response vehicle. 341 also carries over 300 gallons of water and can pump 250 gallons per minute. 341 additionally carries specialized equipment including the "jaws of life" and "res-q-jacks."
Palo 344
Engine 344 is Palo's primary response engine. 344 carries 1500 gallons of water and 5 firefighters. 344 also has the "jaws of life" and many other tools used while fighting fires.
Tanker 345
Palo 345 is a pumper/tanker that was custom built by Pierce on a 2018 Freightliner chassis in late 2017. 345 has a pumping capacity of 1500 gallons per minute, water capacity of 3000 gallons, carries (2) 3000 gallon portable water tanks and seats 3 personnel. 345 was placed into service March of 2018. 345 will serve as the second-due vehicle to structure fires and will primarily serve as a water tender, hauling water to an incident scene.
Palo 349
349 is a 2000 Ford F-250 V10. 349 operates as a primary response vehicle for brush fires. 349 carries equipment to extinguish fires and also holds 250 gallons of water with a 250GPM pump
Palo Fire Boat 1
Boat 1 is the primary water rescue boat. The boat is 18 foot long and 8 foot wide and has a 115 Horse motor. The boat is able to float in 3 inches of water. The boat carries numerous water rescue equipment, as well as has the capability to hold a pump and spray water.