Building Permits & Rental Housing

Building Permit Application thru Linn County Department of Planning & Development

Inspections: 319-892-5130      Fax: 319-892-5155

935 2nd Street SW- Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

  •  New Construction: (Commercial and Residential)    ** MUST also complete the Utility Application for New Construction thru Palo. **
  • Remodeling
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • Pools
  • Solar Panels
  • Generator Install
  • Rental Housing

 All contractors, regardless of trade, must have the proper State of Iowa Contractor Registration. Current registration can be determined at


Permits Issued by Palo City Hall:  
You will need to obtain a permit from the City of Palo, starting June 1st, 2023 before you may begin work on the following:

Permits needed for the following thru Palo           

  • Sewer Connection
  • Water Connection
  • Driveway/Culvert/Sidewalk     ** If you are installing a new driveway, adding to an existing driveway, performing significant repairs to a driveway, installing a culvert, or replacing a culvert you will need this permit. **
  • Sewer and Water Inspections
  • 2nd Outside Water Meter
  • Grade, Fill, Ground Cover and Tree Inspection     ** If you are planning to do any landscaping work or bring in any dirt you must complete a grade and fill permit.  No dirt should be placed in the right of way or within 2 feet of any property line. **
  • Portable Shed
  • Fence
  • Flood Plain Fill
  • Right-of-Way     ** If you are planning any work in the right of way you must obtain a permit before work begins. **
  • Re-Zoning
  • Sign
  • 3/4" Water Meter
  • Smart Point
  • Utility Application (Water, Sewer & Garbage)
  • Commercial Property 6% tax Water and 7% tax Sewer
  • Residential Property 6% tax Water
  • Demolition     ** If you are demolishing a building, you must complete a demolition permit. **
  • Food Truck/ Mobile Food Vendor
  • Peddler Permit